What software have spam filter

Most email software and email service providers have built-in spam filters to help users automatically filter out unwanted spam mail. Here are some examples of email software and providers that have spam filters:

  1. Gmail: Gmail uses a powerful spam filter that automatically filters out suspected spam messages and sends them to a separate spam folder.
  2. Outlook: Outlook has a built-in Junk Email filter that automatically identifies and filters out spam messages.
  3. Apple Mail: Apple Mail has a built-in Junk Mail filter that can be set to automatically move suspected spam messages to a separate folder.
  4. Thunderbird: Thunderbird includes a built-in adaptive spam filter that learns from your email behavior to identify and filter out spam messages. Learn more about thunderbird Junk Filter.
  5. SpamAssassin: SpamAssassin is a free and open-source spam filter that can be used with many email servers and clients.
  6. Spamfighter: Spamfighter is a spam filter that integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird to filter out unwanted spam mail.
  7. Foxmail: Use Bayes Spam Filter to filter spam mail.

There are many other email software and service providers that have spam filters built in, so check the documentation or help files for your email software or service to learn more about how to enable and configure spam filters.